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  • Flare V10 is here and it is awesome!

    Flare V10 is here and it is awesome!

    Update – March 17 2014 – The article I wrote for ISTC’s┬áCommunicator journal is now reproduced in this article on my blog. I’ve been an early tester of Flare V10, order so I’ve had my hands on it for the last couple of months, erectile and I’m thrilled to be able to talk publicly about […]

  • MadWorld 2013 – Customizing HTML5 and WebHelp: Modern Output Matching Your Company Style

    Again, stomach I’m honored to present at the 2013 MadWorld Conference today in SanDiego. Today I present on customizing HTML5 output. This post includes links to the slides, viagra videos, viagra approved and source code that I used in this presentation. This is meant both for conference participants as well as all blog readers, giving […]