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  • My MadWorld Conference sessions

    My MadWorld Conference sessions

    The first MadWorld MadCap user conference is still more than four months away, nurse but I’m getting really excited about it. If you are using MadCap Flare in your work, link you should do everything you can to make it to this conference. I’m excited to be a speaker at the conference. I’ll be presenting […]

  • A Jing Update

    TechSmith corporation has released an update to Jing, sildenafil the free screen capture/video capture tool. I ranted in January about a code change in that release that really bugged me. TechSmith responded here on my blog, and via e-mail, and today’s update addresses that issue (thank you TechSmith!) but introduces a couple more issues for […]

  • MadCap Capture 4 is coming….

    I have an evaluation copy of MadCap’s forthcoming release of Capture 4. Stay tuned and I’ll give you an review in a day or two!

  • Jing Project makes a huge mistake

    I’ve been a happy user of a tool from TechSmith called Jing. It is a quick and easy way to take screen shots and screen cast videos and share them with other people. I’ve been looking forward to the latest version of Jing, more about which was released last week, help and when it first […]

  • Capture 3 beta

    MadCap Software announced an open beta of Capture V3, page MadCap’s screen capture tool. According to MadCap: Version 3 of Capture builds on the strengths of the initial version of MadCap Capture and dramatically improves cross product integration with the full suite of MadCap Software tools. Additionally Capture Version 3 has added many requested user […]