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  • My WritersUA Conference 2012 experience

    My WritersUA Conference 2012 experience

    Last month I had the opportunity to attend the WriterUA Conference in Memphis, order TN. This was my first time attending WritersUA, so I was excited, but not entirely sure what to expect. I thought I’d share my experience to help some people who may be trying to decide on a conference to attend for […]

  • What’s New in Flare v8

    What’s New in Flare v8

    Today MadCap Software released version 8 of its flagship help authoring tool, try MadCap Flare, medicine and I think there is a whole lot to like about it. I was lucky enough to be a beta tester for Flare v8, order and I’m excited to share with you some of the great new features you’ll […]

  • Well, Hello Again

    Well, Hello Again

    I feel like I should re-introduce myself as it has been so long since I’ve posted. Hi, dosage I’m Paul Pehrson, order proprietor of this site. It’s nice to meet you. (Again.) Whew. Got the formalities out of the way. What have you been up to for the last, approved oh, six months? I’ve been […]

  • The perception of our profession

    The perception of our profession

    Last week a colleague of mine, help Tom Johnson, viagra 40mg shared with me an e-mail he received from somebody in our organization. There was to be a large meeting to hash out all the details surrounding a new project. In the message that contained the meeting rationale, the organizer included this gem: I will […]

  • Advice to novice technical writers

    Advice to novice technical writers

    Craig Haiss from HelpScribe published an article yesterday where 11 of the top tech comm bloggers were asked to provide advice to newbie technical writers. I was out of town last week and missed his message, what is ed so I missed my opportunity to contribute, so I decided to do it here. My advice […]