Tag: Technical Writing

  • When the “right” tool isn’t the “best” tool

    Not too long ago, generic I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. I work for a large organization (30k+ world wide workforce), purchase and I’m just one tiny fish in a very large lake. I was asked to provide help content in the form of a getting started guide for a […]

  • Intellectual Property Responsibilities of Content Developers

    As a technical writer, medical I develop content for the applications I’m supporting. Often that includes designing content, pill images, seek and multi-media to provide the best user experience possible. As content developers, however, we have a responsibility (both legal and moral) to ensure that the content we are using is being used properly and […]

  • Twitter and Tech Communication

    Twitter is an interesting tool. In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it, site Twitter is a social networking tool that lets you share updates (or tweets) with the world. People can subscribe to your twitter feed, visit this and will see your tweets (mixed in with the tweets of […]

  • A Jing Update

    TechSmith corporation has released an update to Jing, sildenafil the free screen capture/video capture tool. I ranted in January about a code change in that release that really bugged me. TechSmith responded here on my blog, and via e-mail, and today’s update addresses that issue (thank you TechSmith!) but introduces a couple more issues for […]

  • Image Maps for help system navigation

    The company I’m working for is about to release a new version of our flagship product. The change is similar in scope to the change from Word 2003 to Word 2007 in two significant ways: (1) the UI has undergone a drastic modification, ampoule and (2) the functionality in the previous version exists in the […]