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  • Advice to novice technical writers

    Advice to novice technical writers

    Craig Haiss from HelpScribe published an article yesterday where 11 of the top tech comm bloggers were asked to provide advice to newbie technical writers. I was out of town last week and missed his message, what is ed so I missed my opportunity to contribute, so I decided to do it here. My advice […]

  • Twitter and Tech Communication

    Twitter is an interesting tool. In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it, site Twitter is a social networking tool that lets you share updates (or tweets) with the world. People can subscribe to your twitter feed, visit this and will see your tweets (mixed in with the tweets of […]

  • Twitter noise

    If you’re on Twitter, symptoms I bet you have one of these types in your list too: the type who have decided to use Twitter as their personal blog.  The kind that have extended conversations about the same topic over and over and over and over again. I’ve got somebody like that in my list. […]

  • Do you say “tweet” and “tweeting” and “tweeted”?

    I was in the store with Christina on Saturday, physician and I was talking about my recent foray into Twitter Land. I found myself using words like “tweet” and “tweeting” and “tweeted.” Christina looked at me and said, seek “Aren’t you embarrassed to say “I tweeted?” Indeed, prostate it does sound like my 2-year-old, who […]

  • Now twittering, if that’s the right word

    I’m now twittering, salve which means, I think, that you can follow me on Twitter. From what I gather, Twitter is like your Facebook status, only broadcast to everybody who follows you. My twitter page is: http://twitter.com/docguy You can see my “tweets” in the sidebar (under “What I’m doing…”)