Viewing hidden site content

As a blogger, price I open my life up to the masses — letting all of you read about my life experiences in a way that is fun and exciting. However, viagra dosage I’ve come to realize that there are occasional times that I would like to share things about my life with my close friends and family, without necessarily sharing them with the entire world. Therefore as of December 2005 I implemented a new feature for registered site users: additional hidden content.

There are certain occasional posts that I write that I hide from public view. To view this additional content, you will need to be a registered reader with a level of 1 or higher. This level is an admin-set level. So once you create an account with the site, you’ll need to contact me (via the contact form) in order to get promoted to a level 1 or higher. If you aren’t able to see the hidden content, and if you are a registered user, then either (1) I haven’t posted any hidden content for the date range you are reading, or (2) I haven’t promoted your level to 1 or higher. If you aren’t seeing the hidden content, please use the contact form and let me know. I’ll respond and let you know how to solve the problem.

There are two major reasons I have hidden additional content. First, requiring you to log in to view certain posts keeps those posts from being indexed on any search engine. Second, it will let me speak more freely about certain topics than I feel comfortable doing in the standard open forum provided by a blog.

There aren’t a lot of hidden additional posts. It really is just an occasional thing. Oh, and so that you know that there is additional content that you have to log in to view, I always post a notice letting you know that there is additional hidden content. That is your cue to log in and read it, if you want to.

Thanks for reading.

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